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Good day

When I have mediocre day during a week there is possibility that there will be a good day as well. After all, my bar when I’m not feeling at best is being a little lower than normal. Today I had pretty damn good day even though I started with therapy where I talked about my parents and what kind of confusing relation I have with them. I heard some good word from my therapist about how good “case” I am and she thinks that I won’t have that much problems with learning stuff about my emotions after all.

Actually, even before the therapy itself, I started working and managed to ship one change to production before 9am. It’s pretty awesome to be able to ship multiple things any given day without special release management process. Great tweet I saw about this today from creators of darklang is that “ability to ship is one of the most important factors” — or something similar to that. I didn’t understand that I think at my previous job where we had weekly release cycles so every deployment to production was actually pretty stressful. Also, fixing bugs that happen on staging but doesn’t happen on production, d’oh!

I managed to watch today AWS conference from New York where they were releasing new products. There were also protests about AWS supporting ICE — at one moment they even cut off audio from the live stream. Kinda sad to see big corporations caring about nothing more than money but I guess this is the world we live in right now.

I managed to ship two more changes to production today so by the end of the day I felt pretty dope. I was able to go easily into focus mode today — partly probably because of no interruptions like meetings or chit-chats.

After work I finally did go get my haircut. I found this Brazilian place where they enable to register through internet — something that for me was obvious thing before moving to Ireland where it’s not unfortunately. I had to wait like 20 minutes because the barber didn’t come. Eventually someone else gave me a haircut so at least I got what I came for.

I pretty much finished day by drinking taro bubble tea and watching youtube movies with my wife. She’s having oral exam tomorrow for CAE certificate and I’m pretty sure she will nail it!

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