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Delayed flight

Ugh, waking up at 2:30 in the night is the worst. We prepared quite quickly so were ready to go fifteen minutes before taxi came for us which isn’t something that happens often for us. We got to the airport around two and a half hours before our flight just to make sure that we will make it since it’s Christmas season. But not really.

There was no traffic, there were no queues at security gates. Somehow people don’t fly yet to home or did already go away from Ireland — not sure which one. We waited for opening of restaurant at airport which opened at 4 AM. The food I got was biggest food disappointment in this year. I know it’s just airport food but then I ate some really good food at some airports like Amsterdam, Bangkok or Singapore. It was really awful food.

Then when we finished our “food”, we continued to gate. My wife found on boarding pass that I forgot to include her second last name which in fact is my last name. Not sure how I did that, I guess I was checking in us on autopilot. We got on the airplane but we were afraid there gonna be delays because there suppose to be like six or seven flights at once in span of fifteen minutes.

Well, guess what? Our flight got delayed by two hours because we had to wait in queue for take off. Not sure if there are any air regulations regarding so pauses between takeoffs for airplanes but somehow it took them two hours for two and a half hours flight to take off. I watched five episodes of Madman on that flight.

At 11 AM we landed in Lisbon so from out there it was pretty good. They have metro going straight from airport so I’m already happy.


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