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Financial crisis

I really like movies made by Adam McKey such as Big Short or more recent film about ex-vice president Dick Cheney called Vice. I like how he makes movies based on rather new events that show us, the viewers, a little bit more about what was happening at the time.

I won't lie, Big Short helped me understand the financial crisis than probably anything else. Maybe it was Margot Robbie sipping champagne or maybe Anthony Bourdain explaining what CDO were. It was also really entertaining to see what different people did just before the crisis.

Nowadays times seems to be rather dire as well. Coronavirus doesn't help to strengthen the current economy which is rather a mix of duct tape connecting everything. Stocks are falling down and some indexes such as S&P 500 or DOW received biggest hit since last recession.

Today I was on Wall Street and even took a selfie with iconic bull statue that was placed there. I was going near the new york stock exchange trying to imagine what will eventually happen in couple of days or weeks. People being fired because of bad economy, going out of the offices with their belongings in cardboard boxes.

Or maybe I'm wrong and such things won't happen. I would like to think that but I don't think that would be rational thing to do.

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