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Exhibition and oceanarium

Today we had our day booked with two events. One was Harry Potter exhibition that my wife found and the second was oceanarium. We heard very good things about the oceanarium in Lisbon so we had to go. Harry Potter exhibition on the other hand was quite cat in a box so we didn’t know what to expect.

But first I have to say that metro system in Lisbon is just great. For a city that have roughly five hundred thousands people living here, metro system with four lines where one goes all the way up to the airport is pretty damn great. And it’s also fairly cheap — ticket for a single trip costs around one euro forty cents.

We got off at Orienta station where one of biggest shopping centers in Lisbon is located. It’s looks like a really modern place overall with a lot new high buildings and roads made with people and cyclists in mind first and cars on second place. For such location, it’s was also a lot more expensive — coffee was roughly two times what we paid in the city center.

We did go to Harry Potter exhibition after eating some breakfast. There weren’t many people since it’s Christmas and, I guess, most people are busy with cooking and cleaning for the evening. We were welcomed by lady in Portuguese so we didn’t really understand much but there was a stool with that hat which decides who goes to which house. It was pretty cool for the kids that were with our round on tour. Rest of the exhibition was pretty much just looking on all the stuff from the movies.

After a quick lunch we did go to the oceanarium and, boy oh boy, it’s a treat on totally different level. They created totally separate building for the big tank of water and visitor goes around that tank seeing some other, smaller water tanks. For the very first time I saw otters chilling in water on their backs or sleeping octopus. It was all awesome and I made some pretty cool photos that I will edit when I will get back home.

For tomorrow, since everything is closed, we will just walk a little around the old city. We are quite exhausted already by all the walking so day of pause will be good for us.

Also, merry Christmas to everyone!


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