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End of Europe

Today we traveled to Coba da Roca which is most further place in West Europe — or at least on continental one. We got there through taking train from Lisbon to Cascais which is around thirty five kilometers. We paid around one euro forty cents for that trip which is just amazing to me how cheap it was.

From Cascais we got bus to Coba da Roca which was more expensive than the train but still fairly cheap. When we got out of the bus, we could already see Atlantic Ocean and big Lighthouse that looks over the ships traveling between Europe and America. Look of water hitting the cliffs with enormous force was a truly magical spectacle of constant fight between various forces in the nature.

After walking a little bit and taking a lot of photos (really, I think I took around four hundred pictures today. God bless modern storage!), we took bus back to Cascais. We got one of the best ice creams I have ever eaten in the city center near marina. After that we did go for a little walk to make some more photos and we ended up at Boca do Inferno. It’s a chasm where ocean water hits the bottom of it looking marvelous, especially during sunset. We got lucky since we were there at the sunset.


We stayed there for a couple more minutes because light was just so astonishing for all the photos. It was one of the best tourist attractions one can think of which is funny since it’s totally free. We got hungry so we decided to go back to Lisbon and find something to eat but on our way to train station we found some winery that also sold tapas so we gave them a try. My wife couple of minutes later said “this is my biggest culinary surprise this year”.

We started with a little bit of Porto wine tasting which helped me realize even more how much I like this kind of wine. We got some really delicious tapas like octopuses, natural olives and fried mackerels. It was one of the best meals and even better wine I ever had.

After that great dinner, we finally got to the train station and from there we returned to our hotel. Today was our last full day here since tomorrow we are going back to Dublin. I’m surprised how fast that time passed.


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