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Dublin worst for housing

I saw an article from IrishTimes describing ranking about best and worst cities to live. Dublin was voted as the worst city in terms of housing and property rental. It was elected as even worse than San Francisco. On the other hand, voters were expats, and I guess that expats in San Francisco get more sun than we do in Ireland.

I do know that Dublin is expensive and I realised that even more after I checked rental prices for London but I always thought that San Francisco is way worse. But then again, people in San Francisco — at least those working in tech — earn way more money than people working in tech in Ireland.

What's also surprising to me is that Singapore was voted the fourth best city to live for expats. I liked Singapore when I was there, but I didn't think that such an expensive place will be so much desired. Not surprised by most other positions such as Lisbon and Barcelona since most people I talk with would love to live there at some point.

I also saw another article about Slack buying a significant property in the centre of Dublin since they want to grow even more. I wonder where all those people will live since the city has a block for building too high buildings?


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