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One of this year goals we took together with my wife is to travel somewhere each month. We will visit a lot inside Ireland since it's cheaper, faster and easier to take a train somewhere than go to the airport, fly, get from the destination airport to the hotel and so on. We were looking for some destinations we can take this year since we got some recommendation on YouTube of travel vlogs. They were living in those beautiful hotels, so we got inspired to look.

One direction to which I want to travel is Scandinavian countries. We just saw flight prices, and it seems that Oslo is quite cheap as a destination regarding the flights and hotel booking is okayish. All those countries are rather expensive, especially if we talk about the capitals of those countries.

If that Oslo would work, then this will be the first Scandinavian place I will visit. We also plan to check Iceland, but this will be after the summer and Oslo would be in July. I think about this year, and it's going to be crazy about travel. I think we got something for every month till September already. I wonder if there will be a point in time when I will get bored or tired of travelling.


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