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Commute time included in work?

Jason Fried, a co-founder of Basecamp, started answering questions on Twitter recently. It's a neat format of asynchronous Q&A (I wonder now, could this format be used also for All Hands Q&A at our company?). There was recently a question about where commute time should be put if the day is split into three eights — life, work and sleep which got me a little thinking.

After all, the commute is not a clear choice of an employee. Yes, all of us can choose where we live and quite often — at least in privileged IT industry — we can afford to live near our place of work. But if we cannot and need to spend hours of our lives inside public transportation, cars or whatever else then isn't that a hidden cost? If I would stop working tomorrow at my current place, would I still walk there every day just for the sake of walking? Of course not.

All of this is just perhaps another point to think when talking about compensation with an employer. If I would have to spend an hour or two every day to get to my cubicle, then I would prefer to get a better pay grade as well. That wasn't the case a couple of years ago when tools weren't allowing proper remote communication, but nowadays it's different.


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