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So yesterday I wrote about getting new chinchilla, but I don't think before that I ever wrote that we have two chinchillas. Rin suggested writing about them and since I don't any particulary better topic then why not?

They weren't always mine chinchillas since I "adopted" them when I started dating with my back then girlfriend and now wife. When we started dating, she had only one of them, but soon after we started seeing each other, she adopted a younger one. After all, chinchillas are animals that prefer to live in a pack.

So older one is called Stephen — or as we call him by his original Polish name Stefan — and he's large male with silky white fur. He's calmer between the two and most the time he spends either sleeping in his tunnel or eating food. He is eight years old now, so that's quite a lot for a rodent, so it's not strange that he doesn't move so much as he used to. But now and then he still jumps like a youngling when we let him jump around the room.

What's interesting to know about chinchillas is that they have thick hair. It can be even a hundred times of how thick human hair is! The softness of that hair made chinchillas in the past one of the animals specially breed for furs. Luckily, we live in times where we have far better materials, and furs are not needed anymore. To make sure that their hair is healthy, chinchillas need to take a bath in volcanic dust. I recommend watching movies in slow motion on youtube since it's so freakin cool.

Younger chinchilla we have is called Tymon, and he's a little more than two years old now, even almost three, I think. He's a lot more active, jumping everywhere and biting cage wires to get out every time he sees someone passing by. He's bitting as I write this.


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