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Cannot wait for Christmas

I just can't wait anymore. There isn't much happening at the office since next week the whole company have Christmas break. I'm gonna release feature tomorrow and start cleaning up the code. After that, there won't be anything more for me to do really. And I noticed that I'm not the only person in my team acting like there are holidays around the corner. It almost looks like we all could get one more week of holidays.

I started using the bread we bought yesterday at the bakery, It is so good! I truly can't imagine myself in a place where I don't cherish food so much as I do now. In the past, I was even meeting one person who didn't understand how I can be so happy about food. Obviously, it didn't stand a chance to work between us.

I started watching Mr Robot again. I finished watching the second season some time ago and didn't get back to it. From what I see there was already finale of fourth season so I have something to watch for the next couple of weeks. I like those hacker movies but I guess nothing will beat "Hackers" from the '90s. I mean, clothes they were rocking back then and animations of hacking doesn't have any rivals.

I need to prepare for the trip next week. Didn't make too much research yet regarding Lisbon but I don't think there will be too many issues since it's capital. The only thing I'm worried a little about is I hope shops will still be open despite Christmas. Portugal seems like a religious country but on the other hand they aren't that rich to not work over whole week for sure.

Anyway, I don't have much more to write today. Gotta go to sleep. Would be bad to be sleepy while releasing a feature.


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