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Back in Dublin

We just flew back to Dublin from Lisbon, so I guess our Portuguese holidays are over. Chinchillas are jumping around the cage in the excitement that we came back. Or perhaps because it's just this time of the night, hard to say. I will miss Lisbon definitely because it was very good to us during this week. Not only in food but also things and views we could see.

We started today by checking out, leaving our bags for holdout and going for breakfast to Copenhagen Coffee Lab. They have a nice, massive place in Lisbon and they gave a full plate of food as a "breakfast plate". It's all good quality food and, somehow, scrabbled eggs were so good that I almost cried. I don't think that eggs themself were that good, but after eating scrambled eggs made from powder then any made with real ones is a blessing.

After drinking excellent drip coffee and filling our stomachs, we decided to go to a modern art museum. Initially plan was to take a bus there but then I proposed to take electric bikes from Uber. I had a great idea. It was the first time for my wife and me to ride electric bikes, and both of us think they are fantastic. I never had so much ease and fun during transportation.

The modern art museum, on the other hand, was... okay, I guess? I don't think I was in the mood for experiencing the art today after all. After the first exhibition, I felt already tired and not being able to experience art that much. My wife had a similar experience as well, so I guess it was not just a day. Also, there are just too many exhibitions for a single visit.

On our way back to the city centre, my wife took an electric bike, and I thought I would try electric scooter since I never had a chance to ride one. I liked it as well, but it was capped to twenty kilometres per hour so I didn't get that much fun as I could. Another thing is that — even though we had bike lane all the way — roads aren't that great for smaller wheels that scooters have. My wrists got a little shock therapy during six and a half kilometres we rode back.

We bought some chestnuts, custard pies and some other stuff before leaving to the airport. I also got myself finally a "leite com chocolat" which is pretty much milk with cocoa. I drank it first time three and a half years ago when I was the first time in Portugal in Porto, and I fell in love with that. It tastes more natural than any other chocolate milk you can find in other countries.

At the airport, it was okay until we passed the duty-free zones and landed at the gates area. There were people everywhere, and there was no place to sit. Frankly, it was one of the worst airports I experienced ever. Not sure if that's because of the time of the year or is it just because the terminal isn't big enough for accepting so many travellers.

Anyway, we are here in Dublin already. Let's start the weekend.


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