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Air conditioning

And it's weekend. This week was definitely better than the last one, even though I perhaps will be sick because of the air conditioning in the office. I swear to god, I thought once we move to Ireland from Poland, we won't need any more air conditioning since it never gets that hot over here. But even when it's like nine celsius outside, they turn on the AC on full just to increase air flow. Like, why not open the window?

Anyway, I was doing a small fix today with MySQL database. Previously, I was always using PostgreSQL and actually got used to it. So now I have a lot of time to see why people were saying bad things about MySQL and, the more I use it, the more I understand them. I never before had to add hint for a index to database, mostly database engine have more information about the data it stores than I do but somehow, MySQL instance I work with doesn't. And don't even get me started on collation hell that this database engine has. What sane person thinks that "półka" is same as "polka"?

After doing another rant about how stupid this database is, I had some meetings and by the end of work day I did engineering demo from rate limiting module we built for DynamoDB. I have to say that initially I didn't really understand the need for DynamoDB but right now I actually quite like it. It doesn't require almost any attention from us since it can scale on it's own and as long as there is no throttling, it just works. I guess this is what you want from your IT systems in the end. When you come on Monday to work, the last thing you want is your system where you spend most time every workday, doesn't work because reasons.


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