8 months ago 🏆 for day 7, 2020 with 206 words.

11 more to go

I'm still sick at home, so I didn't do much apart from taking medication and laying around. I was reading most of the day today, and I finished one of twelve books from my Goodreads challenge, so there are only eleven more to go. I want to finish reading the whole Witcher saga and then read the Hussite Trilogy since I heard it's excellent. I got a couple of other books from design, business, economics and ethics as well so will read them in between the fantasy ones.

First good thing I notice about Goodreads is marking books I've read. Lately, I bought one book that I've read already but forgot so pretty much. I spend double money on the same book. With Goodreads, I can mark what I've read and what I didn't. Another thing is that it gave me additional dopamine hit when marking a book as read. Seems to be almost like getting achievement in a video game — even if reading books is not about getting through the pages.

I feel better right now, so hopefully, tomorrow I will go to work. Last day when I was properly working was 21st December so I kind of miss work at this point.


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By Bartosz Łęcki


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