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The Science of Well-Being

This week has a been a real slog. My productivity is at an all time low, and I am past the point of caring. But today I started asking around to see what, if anything I could do about it.

A friend I met through the Twitch community shared that she had signed up for a course on Coursera called, The Science of Well-Being. I've always been interested in human psychology, and have read a ton of self-help books, so the idea of learning and applying the science behind it was immediately intriguing. The course is taught by Professor Laurie Santos. It was originally launched at Yale in 2018 to wide acclaim, at which point they opened up to the web through Coursera. In a pandemic, there's little wonder why it would suddenly surge in popularity again.

It's been a while since I attempted to take a course on Coursera, and I don't really care for a certificate for this sort of thing, so I'm just auditing it for now. I got started right away today, and it immediately grabbed my attention. So far I haven't covered much other than the introduction of the course, but it feels really good to be able to get back into the flow. It's also reminded me to revisit my front-end course, while I still have some time to catch up.

Balancing both of these courses should be really helpful in helping me deal with my anxiety, not because productivity makes me happy, but because learning does. It really helps me focus and check in with myself. It's a solitary exercise, but I feel engaged, so it's easy to forget. This is how I've always preferred to learn; self-paced, self-taught. I even find the practice of organizing how I learn incredibly relaxing. I'm taking notes in Notion, and just setting that up has been incredibly relaxing. I've been careful not to get too lost in it though. That already happened with the front-end course, and I need to make my way back to it! I'm currently excited in a way I haven't been for some time.

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