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On sunny, warm days like this, the city comes alive. The apple thrums with activity, people everywhere, thriving in the sunshine after a long, cold winter. It has its downsides, no doubt, between the loud music and big crowds. But when you've been inside for so long, it's hard to blame anyone for celebrating the first opportunity to get outside. In the springtime, you can never be too sure whether we're a day away from swinging back to cold temperatures or rainfall, so it's best to make the most of it, especially when it falls on a weekend. On days like this, another second more in the subway feels like punishment. The tunnels turn from cool to hot in just a few days, every nausea inducing odor magnified.

But I didn't go outside today. I was mostly very still, in hibernation, recovering from all the stress I've permitted to live in my body for the last few months. I called my mom, and she said I sounded a little down. I guess I am, in a sense. I sometimes punish myself when I have a looming responsibility that I've been putting off. Haven't played a game in weeks. The unfortunate reality is, I also hid from the responsibilities that would enable me to heal even faster. I don't want to beat up on myself though. I feel mostly rejuvenated, and like I will make more progress tomorrow, rewarding myself with the premiere episode of Game of Thrones. I'm very excited to finally see to it that my watch is ended. It's so bizarre to me that a show could take an entire year off and still be received with so much fanfare. But it's a show that feels like it's surpassed both television and movies. I'm excited to enjoy it. But first, chores.


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