11 months ago for day 132, 2020 with 345 words.


Last night I did my evening routine. I took a hot shower, brushed and flossed, and moisturized my skin, head to toe. Then around 11:00 PM, I hopped into bed under the blankets, the window wide open.

We've seen the temperatures drop a bit this week, but they'll be back to summer-like highs before long. I'm enjoying the cold as long as I can. Enduring quarantine while the weather is warm is especially hard. I long to be outside, but avoid it at all costs. I cannot count on others to be diligent about observing safety measures. But I might be able to try again soon, especially once getting up early is a habit.

At first I struggled to fall asleep, because I wasn't quite used to the time, light exposure, or temperature. So I read a little of The Alchemist to help ease my mind and allow my body time to adjust, with white noise playing in the background. Reading feels like an innately meditative process, especially with a text as thought provoking.

Reading on my Kindle has been a great alternative to reading comics on my smartphone. It doesn't emit nearly as much blue light, and I typically have no trouble falling and staying asleep before long. Sure enough, after a half hour, I was read to turn over for sleep.

I awoke at 5:51 AM, just 10 minutes after sunrise began. At that time, the rising light reflects off of buildings and right into my bedroom. The city remained quiet, still, for what felt like a moment. Then all at once, it sprang to life, like a flower bud opening toward the sun.

As I peeked out of my window to take in the last of the pinks and oranges in the sky as the clouds rolled in, I could see the sun gleaming back at me from the Empire State Building, far away in the distance. It seemed like a reminder on what would ultimately be a spotty day of rain; even on a cloudy day, the sun shines.


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