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Sunday Blues

Well, I was wondering when they would show up. That new gig glow sure does wear off quickly! I call these the Sunday Blues, this latent sense of despair that Monday, the commute, and work, is coming. It's especially intense after a long weekend and a short week after a holiday, and usually comes on the heels of not getting everything I wanted done. It's equal parts regret and anxiety. It's the sadness that my time is not wholly my own.

These blues are why it's so easy for me to fall back into bad sleeping habits. I'll think to myself, "Just one more hour," or "Just one more chapter," and before I know it, it's 2 AM. I'll lie there and think about why I indulged in a bad habit for just a little more time, when I could just steal it from my mornings instead of my sleep. Bad habits are the hardest to crack.

At least this week I don't have tons of plans going on. That will give me my weeknights back and help ensure I'm more rested and better fed going into the next week. One thing I plan to do with the extra time is to get back into creative writing. It's easy to fall back on these journal posts because there's no real constraints about what I'm writing. While they're fun, they're not terribly challenging, even with a time limit. I don't imagine they're very exciting to read either.

That said, I definitely want to return to some of the writing I started. "Requited, Part 1" was a lot of fun to start, and it was actually hard to stop. The only reason I did was because I was short on time. It's just really difficult to get back into that mindset after I've taken a break for a few days. The idea came to me because I was in a particular mood after speaking with an old friend. I'd hate to call them and stir something up and become one of those writers who's forever writing about their friends. ?


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