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Last night, after being exhausted, I still couldn't sleep. I didn't drift off until 3:00 AM. Despite that, I still managed to get some very good sleep. It's 11:00 PM now, and I don't feel nearly as tired. Since I've been tracking my sleep most nights, I can keenly see the differences between the nights where I get a ton of deep sleep and the nights where I get none at all. Deep sleep makes me feel more rejuvenated and more in control with my emotions. It also seems to help me regulate appetite much better.

Today I spent a lot of time reading and playing Animal Crossing with a friend from high school. Just when I think I may start to get bored of the game, it pulls me back in. We basically just hop on a phone call together and play the game together. Maybe I should reconsider getting back on Twitch. It can be fun for the social aspects. I don't much care for the rest of it, which is why I stopped. That, and the fear of bad agents. I basically would be starting from scratch if I did start it up again.

For now, I'm just enjoying a different game, Yoshi's Crafted World. It's incredibly cute. I've been learning a lot about game mechanics by studying Nintendo's games over the last few months. Before Animal Crossing, I was playing Pokémon Sword and Luigi's Mansion. I managed to finish the latter, and I enjoyed it immensely. Luigi's Mansion is a masterclass in the art of the delighter. I will never forget playing the multiplayer mode with a friend and both of us giggling when our Luigi's collided with one another, falling back after bouncing off of each other.

On the other hand, there's something about Pokémon that makes it feel difficult to get excited about it the way I used to. While it literally has features I only used to dream about, now the Pokémon available in the game feel... dumb. It always felt like the creatures in the first 3 generations of the game were meticulously designed and selected for their different areas. Now it really is a different world. A very glossy, shiny world. I imagine I might feel differently about it if I were actively playing it with others.

I generally try to finish games one at a time, but I'm enjoying juggling a few titles now. I'm not obligated to finish any one of these things, and it feels great acknowledging that. It's just one of the tiny ways to feel like I have some agency in all of this.

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