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Photo Walk

In August, I made a new friend. It's weird how sometimes we meet new people right when we need them the most. We became friends through a mutual friend, and started to play Destiny 2 together most weeknights. As we've gotten to know each other, we have discovered a shared interest in photography. He encouraged me to explore that as a creative outlet, especially since I also have interests in returning to streaming on Twitch.

I've always put off buying a DSLR, reasoning that the smartphone was enough. But there's just something different about holding a device that has real weight to it. Thinking back to using a film camera in high school for a class, I have missed the zen experience of walking around with nothing but the camera. My mind would go silent as I would wander about seeing things I don't usually look for. It really is a unique way to see the world, a different mindset altogether.

And so, with my friend's guidance, I took a leap and got a Sony A7II along with some peripherals for my stream and other scenarios, like a mic and tripod. It turns out my gaming PC's graphics card is not powerful enough to encode both video, audio, and a game simultaneously, and so I'll have to upgrade anyway if I want to play next generation games and film myself in high definition. I'm totally ok with this, as my PC is now almost 8 years old. However, I'll have to wait since Nvidia cards are out of stock, and AMD may prove competitive. So for now, I'll just enjoy the camera.

Today, my friend and I met up on a whim and went for a walk in the park with the camera. It was really nice, and I cannot wait to do it again. I haven't "developed" the photos yet, but here's a photo of me of me from the walk. I'm already eager to get back out there again.

A photo of me on my walk.


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