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Monday is Coming

Sundays are for Game of Thrones. It always brings a welcome distraction to the inevitability that is Monday. This is further proof in the importance of routine. Tonight's episode was the most riveting television I have watched in a long time. Even now, I feel my heartbeat will not slow down. I am hype.

Now that my watch is ended, at least until next week, I am thinking of what's to come, in the real world. I can't help but feel a little glum. However, something in my mood turned up this weekend, and I believe I can write my way out of the gloom. I suppose it's true, sometimes you do get sick of feeling sorry for yourself, especially when it's for no good reason. A friend messaged me to check on me, and I was honest, as I usually am. I've been feeling both overwhelmed and unmotivated, a lethal combination that quickly becomes a spiral. I told her I was writing out a list to face the problem the next day. Her words still comfort me now:

Well those are good steps, and you're transitioning too, so be patient with yourself. But overall, I feel like you're on a good path.

I've written before about the dread of Sunday Blues before, so I'm trying to keep it at bay by thinking about all I might accomplish tomorrow instead. It makes the day feel more promising to face it with what is possible instead of what is unavoidable. Anticipate the worst, and ye shall have it. I wrote in my journal, focus on what you can control. It can be difficult when so much of what is at stake is well within the realm of what I cannot control. Still, I must do what I can with those things I do have. I made a commitment, and I've fallen short. How can I turn things around in a short amount of time, especially with my week shortened by the wedding this coming Friday?

I feel I am behind, but I know what must be done. I just have to stay focused, follow the list, revisit the list, and soon enough, I will come out on the other side.


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