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Over the last few years, I've been seeing the concept of manifestation and setting intentions appear a lot in popular culture. At first I was skeptical. It sounded like a kind of magical, wishful thinking, but as I put it into practice, I began to take it more seriously.

When I sit and imagine an event or a task and walk through in my mind how I might complete it, or imagine what it might feel like once it is already complete, it seems to happen almost effortlessly, even in the cases where I'm not certain how to start.

So far, I've only really been able to apply it really well to sleep. I imagine myself waking up with the sun, and the light filling the room. I then imagine myself getting out of the bed, drinking some water, stretching, and hopping into the shower. It seems to work without fail, especially if I have the window open. My body just knows, sometimes down to the minute.

I haven't had as much luck applying it in other ways, for example, a day at work. It seems to work best for small blocks of time, at least until I improve my abilities and my routines. With that in mind, I have some tricks for next week.


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