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JAMStack Conf NYC 2019

Tomorrow I am going to the JamStack Conference. I thought it would be a nice change of pace to attend a small, one day conference instead of one spanning several days. I'm hoping it will help kickstart my interest in redesigning my personal website. Yet, it's kind of a bad time because things really feel piled up at work and at my two side gigs. However, I registered quite a while ago, so I don't really want to pass this up. I'm hoping I can figure out some time to catch up. It's imperative that I get to bed as soon as possible so I can make the most of tomorrow.

I'm a little worried some of it may go over my head. There's a lot about APIs and React, but there's quite a few talks that are targeted at designers, so at the very least, that will get me pretty far. Looking at the schedule, I am most looking forward to these talks from the schedule:

Panel Discussion

Ecommerce on the JAMstack used to seem impossible. Now there are a growing number of tools and services to drive commerce experiences. Not everyone is convinced that this architecture is ready or able to deliver on the promise of e-commerce. This panel will discuss why. And explore the real opportunities and limitations of this stack. With Garth Brantley, Francois Nadeau, Kevin Green and Tim Brown.

I honestly had no idea this was possible. I've seen some people do nifty things on the JAMstack to generate comments for their blogs, but shopping seems like a very different animal.

Delivering more to customers with less overhead

In 2018, Citrix product documentation moved from an expensive and brittle Adobe Experience Manager environment to a more flexible, affordable, and manageable stack. The new stack uses markdown source, Bitbucket for version control, Jekyll as our site generator, and Jenkins to build it all and deploy to Netlify. The new infrastructure is solid and lets us deliver content to several hundred thousand users every month, in 7 languages. All while supporting more than 50 full-time professional authors and numerous other employee contributors. And we do this with two full-time developers and one full-time site admin.

This is very compelling to me as someone who abandoned WordPress for static site generators. I'm interested to see what a multi-contributor website can look like on the JAMstack.

What’s your JAM(stack)?

Shifting from a monolithic CMS approach to a JAMstack setup comes with an abundance of choice. On the other hand, all that choice can come with indecision paralysis. Where’s a dev to start? Thankfully, there’s a thriving ecosystem of frameworks offering varying flexibility and structure, different approaches to performance and delivery, etc. We’ll talk about some ways to evaluate available tools, using Gatsby as an example.

The allusion to indecision paralysis drew me in. I've been on Jekyll for a while, but it's grown unbearably slow, even with a fairly small website under 15 pages. I'm curious to see how to get over my indecision and get to the next steps.

Get better at JavaScript with just JavaScript

This talk will be a mix bag of tips, techniques and code samples to improve your core JavaScript understanding and make you a more confident web developer. We will dive into the Modern DOM, data massaging techniques, flow control, async JavaScript and some neat stuff in the future of JavaScript. Get ready to slam dunk JavaScript.

Wes Bos is someone I've been following for quite a while. I haven't gotten around to finishing his courses, but I found them very approachable. I'm hoping to get better at JavaScript so that I can enhance my website and prototypes even further. Almost everything imaginable on the web can be built with JavaScript now, so it seems like an excellent time to learn the language.

That's four of six talks that have piqued my attention, and that's not bad. I'm sure the others will be fairly interesting as well, but these seem the most approachable at my current skill level. I'm hoping to write a post to follow up on my experiences at the conference, and maybe dabble a little in networking as well. Sometimes I can feel a little winded when it comes time to network, but with this event lasting only a day and starting pretty late in the day at 10 AM, I'm sure I can make my way to meeting more than a few people.

See you tomorrow with my follow-up post!


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