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Hello World

If I were to tell you my origin story as a designer, it would begin with the written word. Writing is a nostalgic act that has immediately filled me with memories of computers. Though I had always written things by hand, it was writing on the computer that would change the trajectory of my life forever.

Oddly, my grandma was something of an early adopter. I remember spending hours locked in her bedroom playing Minesweeper, writing stories in WordPerfect, doodling in MS Paint, and playing Fur Elise by ear in some musical software.

It wasn't until my parents and I brought home our first computer from the Gateway store, a Compaq Presario in its iconic cow print packaging, that I really began to explore the internet. My time online was heavily monitored, as my mother discovered within minutes of dialing up, that the internet is for porn. I remember her tittering in the corner of the living room with an aunt before I retired to my room with an inkling that I should not be within earshot of whatever it was they were up to.

You see, I was 12, and hardly interested in such things, or boys for that matter. At the time, the primary function of the computer was to do homework, and under threat of constant interruption by phone call, I turned my attention to books, comics, drawing, writing, and video games. Until finally I left New York City to attend a suburban high school with A Better Chance and began to rediscover the internet and bore witness to its true potential.

Before long, I found communities around all of my interests and decided that I too had something to contribute. I learned HTML and CSS, and began blogging on LiveJournal, Blogger, and in time, WordPress. I wrote diligently all throughout high school and well into college before I somehow lost my courage.

In 2019, my goal is to rediscover my passion for writing, and to get reacquainted with my inner voice. The narratives we build about ourselves and our worlds are the seat of our power, and for too long I've foregone mine. It is my hope that writing will serve as a loving act of self-care and growth that will serve me well as a creative and as an individual.

Thank you for reading!


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