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While I don't feel as burnt out lately, I do feel exhausted. I've had this prevailing feeling at work that I am behind somehow, but this week affirmed that I'm actually ok, at least for now. Estimating the scope of design work still feels like this incredibly elusive task, especially with so many contributors, moving parts, and ambiguity, so while I'm not necessarily where I thought I would be, I am making progress.

One thing I've learned from my previous job is to show the work, even if the work is just, "I met with these people about this thing, and here's what I learned and how it changed my perspective." In the past, that was something that I really struggled with. I'll take the fact that I am able to show the work more often as a win.

Honestly, I owe a great deal of my success to the open, and genuinely collaborative culture of the company, and above all, my manager. There were some tough days, but she understands how I think and why I make decisions I do, so I think she has done really well to coax me out of my typical shell and get me thinking of people as collaborators instead of judge and jury. I have grown to really enjoy being able to walk up to people and work through something. It's something I really missed in my last job. I think I like talking with the developers the most.

On the days when I am uncertain, I think, "if I can just make just one person understand my thought process, then I will have succeeded." That seems to help me stay focused and confident in the notion that, at the end of the day, my job is not about a right or wrong answer, but about thinking and persuasion. In a lot of ways, understanding this has made my liberal arts degree invaluable. It's a topic worth revisiting.


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