11 months ago for day 119, 2020 with 201 words.

Dispatches from Elsewhere

When I started watching Dispatches from Elsewhere, it had already been running for 4 episodes. I truly had no idea what it was about, but the title was intriguing. I recognized the main character and creator, Jason Segel, from How I Met Your Mother, a show I had never really seen, so much as listened to between relationships. That show has a weird place in my memory, and in some ways, it empowered me to connect even more to the premise of Dispatches from Elsewhere. The show opens up under false pretenses, introducing you to characters who are "You."

I knew right away that I would like the show. It has just the right amount of weird, playing with notions of reality and magic. It's about facing ourselves, our fears, and to some extent, our inner child. It is also filmed in Philadelphia, and I often find myself drawn to it still. Philadelphia, too, has a very important place in my memory. Not weird, but, perhaps, sacred. Seeing Philadelphia landmarks in the show, both new and old, gave me some comfort. When all of this is over, I'd love to take a trip down there and see old friends once again.


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