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Animal Crossing

I knew that I would write about Animal Crossing. I just didn't know when.

If you've read some of my old posts, then you know that I'm an avid gamer! While I was pretty late to the Animal Crossing series, and only became familiar with it towards the end of New Leaf's life, I was pretty much an instant fan.

This makes absolute sense considering I also became obsessed with Harvest Moon and The Sims when I first played them, and Animal Crossing is all the best part of those series, fine tuned with sharper feedback loops and great online play. Yet where the latter two always felt like a bit of a static menagerie, Animal Crossing felt a bit more like an open world. It felt alive.

Explaining the game to people is always a fun exercise. To hear people talk about it within earshot, it's hard to know which parts are the game and which parts are real life. It's hard to explain why exactly it's fun! It's a bit odd that people would choose to escape the mundanity of life by playing at the mundanity of life. But that's where Animal Crossing shines. It somehow makes mundane, chore-like activities feel like fun.

During the first few days the game came out, I played entirely too much. I'd been waiting for the game for months, and I just so happened to have the day off as it was the first day after self-diagnosing with a low grade fever. Honestly it was a godsend, and made it a lot easier to come back to work when I was starting to feel better.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the game is how many people have tried it that might have otherwise never done so before. It's been really gratifying to see new fans pop up like so many weeds. The game could not have been released at a better time. When I miss my loved ones, it's nice being able to hop on a plane and sit with them in the forest. Even if it's just a bunch of pixels on screen, the feeling of spending of time together is still magical.

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