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Once upon a time

One day while flipping TV channels I encountered a program about an unusual creature. It lives somewhere in Poland, in the town of Voronitsa... Though, I probably won't utter a proper name of the town... So, what's there... A recluse cat lives in it. It lives in some enormously tall tree and never goes down, on the ground. It climbs all over the tree. It became some local landmark in that city. Throngs of people come to the city in order to see the cat. Locals feed it: They tie up the food to some long pole and bring the pole to the tree, to the cat's habitat, and it eats from there. One of the journalists who came in the town in order to film a story devoted to the cat also tried to feed the cat that way. He poured some cat's food in the tied up bowl. I think it was a pack of "Whiskas" He also asked around about the pet... Someone told that their mother cat gave them a birth in that tree, hiding in the hollow. Since then the cat never goes down. The fate of other kittens remained unknown to me. The vet that examined the cat told that the cat was safe and sound. One old man told that one day firefighters tried to save the cat from a tree. They brought it down on the ground but the frightened cat rushed back. It hid in the hollow. The hollow turned out to be a multi-storied building. It crawled out from the other part. It lives in this hollow. That's it. What about you? Have you ever heard some stories about unusual animals? Even cats. What do you know about their superpowers?

P.S. Cats are crafty, sly and smart. They watch every step you make and catch every scent you bring.


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