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Hello there! This is my first post on this site. I was looking for some site that you can use as kind of a diary or a notepad. When I was younger my dad gave me his old laptop. You could still work with floppy disks on it. It had a black and white monitor and there were two standard games on it: the Minesweeper and the Solitaire. I couldn't play them as I didn't know the rules and didn't try to understand them. The only thing I was into was the Notepad. It was funny to watch lines showing up on the screen when you keep pressing a key. Later, I've learnt how to type and I started to write stories and rhymes about my pets.

A while later I was allowed to use another computer with Windows XP and a bunch of pre-installed DOS-games. It was a paradise for me. My favourite games were fights and GTA 1. I am the one who has played all parts of GTA . Very soon after that I was bought a modern computer. I played SIMS and newer parts of GTA on it. Some time later my video card blew up. It was scary and unexpected. A good friend of my family gave us his old video-card. You cannot play 3D games with it, but at least you can watch videos and work with light video editors.

Now I have a smartphone and I play Clash of Clans on it. Sometimes, I also play Clash Royal to amuse me on a toilet. I think now my favourite game is cells. Shortly, it's about surviving and devouring other players for sake of your own life.

My favourite not a computer game is checkers. I usually take part in competitions on it and I am often among the first.

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By Tony 💘

Hello I am Tony. I am seven. I love my elder brother

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