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Thank You For Having Me

For my first post on writetogether.space I want to say a big Thank You for having me here!

I have been attempting to write more frequently and was previously using the wonderful writelier but unfortunatly I have heard that this is due to close at the end of this year. I will be really sad to see that place go as it was a wonderful space online with a really wonderful friendly community.

In search of a new home for my writing I started doing some research and found the website 750words a day, which I have been trialling over the past week. Unfortunatly this website is a paid for service and after the free 30 day trial I would be looking to move on and find somewhere else. Fortunatly I was informed about this place and sent a link, after having a look around I decided this would be the perfect place to join and really get back into a daily writing habit.

I usually like to commence a new habit at the start of the year, month or even week, but I think writing daily is so important I wanted to get started right away rather than waiting until an arbitrary point in time to begin.

I have been having a think about this place and how I can make best use of the service offered and I have a few ideas of what might work and I am looking forward to trying them out here.

I will endevour to try and join in with the community and make some friends here, I will set some time aside to do some exploring and figure out how this place works and I look forward to seeing you all around and reading your words.

Thank you once again for having me here.

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