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Christmas 2020

I am anticipating that Christmas is going to be a little strange this year for me and probably for many other people too.

With the Corona Virus pandemic ravaging the world many people are being told to isolate, to go into lockdown and to 'shield' vulnerable individuals. This is going to be increasingly difficult come Christmas time when most people visit family and friends across the Country and the globe.

Christmas can be a notoriously difficult and challenging time of year for many people, particularly those who are suffering from mental illness, or a debilitating physical health problem or simply people who are lonely and isolated. It is not uncommon for people to experience an increase in their depression around this time of year, perhaps because it is a time when we feel that we are meant to be at our happiest and most content, which is unreasonable and unrealistic for many many people.

I am genuinly concerned about how everyone will cope this Christmas with the current rules and regulations that are in place.

For me there is an added complication; I am due to move house on the 26th November, although I am only moving about 45 minuets drive from where I am now, I still have an inordinate amount of stuff to do to prepare for the move. I havn't started packing yet and the furniture and belongings I am taking with me are currently spread across three houses, so I will need to collect them all and deliver them to the new house, during a lockdown.

Fortunatly, the pandemic has not affected my purchase of a house and fingers crossed the move is still scheduled to take place as initially planned. I have signed all the contracts and completed all the relevant paperwork and I am now just awaiting the arrival of "completion day" then I get the keys and can start moving my stuff.

Moving house just before Christmas possibly isn't the ideal time to move. The weather is bad, it gets dark very early and I will have a lot of work to do to get the house feeling cosy and comfortable ready for the Christmas period. So long as I can manage to get a Christmas Tree up and decoarted I will be happy!

I have a lot of complicated feelings about Christmas and especially this year when I anticipate that things will be a little unusual. I really hope that everyone makes it through the day in one piece and manages to find something to be grateful for and find a little peace in the day.

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By Nina Townson 💘

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