2 years ago 💘 for day 9, 2019 with 319 words.

Another useless shot of nothing

Looking forward to writing "Another useless shot of nothing, redux" tomorrow as I continue to not have new ideas. After a career that has been 98 percent focused on writing, not having something to say is new. New and not good

I'm at work right now, working on a huge report that is nearly 2,000 words, compiled with nine charts and several images. We're shipping a lot of posts like that this week. My quarter each and every quarter begins with this enormous run of work to get out our backwards-looking reviews of the preceding three months out the door.

And we've done it for years now, so we have some goddamn practice. I'm tired. That is probably part of how I feel today. A bit caught in the cycle?

But I have a team, so I'm going to keep my head up and do the thing. Mostly because it's work and that's what we do.

What else? I have Taylor Swift playing on Spotify as I needed a break from my so-far-in-2019 progressive metal kick. And this is our generations easy listening. It's easy to listen to you as it doesn't demand much other than nostalgia and floor tapping. That's a small commitment.

I have coffee with someone beloved in about an hour and way, way too much to get done before then, so it's 79 more words to until I'm done with this. I am sure that Owen, our prime overlord of all things scribbled, will appreciate my second day in a row of writing.

In a sense this is just me talking to myself. Little me, myself, and I. I hope to you you aren't reading this. My damn partner wouldn't make it through.

19 words to go and we are back to freedom. I've had to stop a number of times in this to deal with work. It won't make sense.


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By Alex Wilhelm


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