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Looking for the ghost of Miss Nam

“The thing is here again”, Jia said. Her and Paz were climbing over rocks, him first. Now he’d stopped and turned to look at her. “It’s not a thing, it’s a spirit, and this one is called Miss Nam, its important to be respectful” said Paz. The ghost girl always appears after dark, and any lights would scare her off, so Paz and Jia had been clambering over these rocks in the dark all night. “So where did you see her?” he asked. Jia also stopped and put her hands on her hips and breathed hard “I didn’t say I saw her, I felt her being here somewhere, that’s all”. They had been out here for hours, and both were starting to feel tired.

They both continued a while, trying not to cut their feet on the sharp rocks. Jia shuddered as a black shape moved over the dark beach. “There” she said, pointing. “Its your imagination, I don’t see anything, come on.” said Paz. “No, that’s her. Got to be.” said Jia.

By some large rocks a column of smoke appeared, they saw a hideous face staring down at them. The face opened its mouth and yelled “why do you look for me?!”. Now standing on the rocks was a slim woman in a white blouse. Her hair was cut close to her small face, with black bangs short of her eyebrows.

Paz paused and thought about what he was going to say next when he noticed a glow below the horizon, which meant the sun was soon going to rise. They only had a few more minutes left with the ghost of Miss Nam.

“Let’s get out of here, she seems to be in a bad mood today” said Jia. Paz stepped forward, a trickle of sweat running down one of his cheeks “Hello I’m Detective Chanchai, but people call me Paz, we’re investigating the disappearance of the seven-year old girl called Natcha”.

The woman opened her mouth again as if to speak when her body began to change into smoke. Paz knew his time was up and he knew if he wanted to solve this case it meant more sleepless nights were ahead.

Within a few seconds the spirit was gone and the sun was rising.

“Looks like the tide is coming in too” said Paz. “Yep, we were so close, we should head back and get some sleep and start again tomorrow” said Jia.

The two detectives walked across the rocks and back along the beach.


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