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Variable Weather

5 hours ago, for day 291 by Yorick Phoenix 🤯

The weather is getting annoying. Yeah I know, first world problems of California. The day starts dark and cold. I have taken to wearing an extra sweater. Today I had to put on a pair of jeans to survive my home office. All though the summer I close up the...

Calm Friday

8 hours ago, for day 291 by Bartosz Łęcki 🤯

So we start weekend again! I was waiting for that since last weekend we've spent with friends and it's nice to be able spend some time alone. My wife is going to startup weekend as a mentor tomorrow so I will have even more time for myself. Probably will play...


21 hours ago, for day 290 by V 🔥

I'm glad I'm still on Hawaii timezone because I just couldn't stop playing AI:The Somnium Files, which I've been ranting about for days and which I also finally finished. I might have mentioned before that I'm a huge fan of everything based around murder (it's part of my charm), especially...

Compensation vs place of living

1 day ago, for day 290 by Bartosz Łęcki 🤯

There is an interesting thing about compensation economics. If there are two people living in two different part of the world doing the same job with same impact in the same company, should they earn the same salary? From company perspective they are almost same employees by perspective of how...

Art & Depression Zine

1 day ago, for day 290 by Leonie Jonk 💘

"Your art doesn't have a meaning or anything, does it? I mean, most of the time?" "No. Not really, not right now at least. It's just.. you know, for fun, to relax." About a year ago this was true. Art was one of the things that helped me to crawl,...

iStarted something iThink

1 day ago, for day 290 by Yorick Phoenix 🤯

After I finished the last of the 31 parts of my Computer Languages posts I put a link to Facebook letting my friends know that if they had sleeping problems, I had 10,000 (boring) words that could possibly help them. Turns out some of them actually read some — or...

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