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Languages 21/n

2 hours ago, for day 265 by Yorick Phoenix 🤯

Part 20 is here After leaving the research center I went to work for AM Technology (later renamed to VicomSoft, now probably defunct). I worked on their Terminal emulator / modem drivers / file transfer software. I had been using Lightspeed C for my personal projects - a shareware offline...


3 hours ago, for day 264 by V

Random insights I had while high the best description for meditation is stretching for your mind You know how stretching has to hurt a bit? Like a gentle pull? And you have to hold it for a time that's not too uncomfortable but still a bit effortful? That's...

Random Saturday musings

7 hours ago, for day 264 by JEREMY HATCH

Like most Saturdays, a day too filled with high points to even settle on one, and the evening hasn’t even properly begun. A slow, relaxed morning. Skimmed through the recent issue of Time about the climate, and later in the afternoon also rapidly skimmed this week’s issue. Mostly I don’t...


10 hours ago, for day 264 by Bartosz Łęcki 🤯

I just filled for US visa. Hopefully if I get it, I will finally can see New York for the very first time. I cannot say how pumped I'm because of it. I always wanted to all those places I know from pop culture. All those food places, monuments and...

(Weekends) Random

12 hours ago, for day 264 by Kirstine Granzow Larsen 🤯

Weekends! These days I feel like I have never appreciated my weekends enough. As a university student my schedule was pretty flexible, despite all the on campus hours. Booking a doctor's appointment wasn't that big of a deal. It's weekend now and I feel like there's nowhere near enough hours...


21 hours ago, for day 264 by KTamas 🤯

Once again I find myself profoundly overwhelmed by the things I could do that I end up doing none of them, or maybe doing one of them but still worrying about all the other things. Right now, my Raspberry Pi Camera Kit has arrived and I'm trying to get it...

Making Bots

1 day ago, for day 263 by V

I love making internet bots. Honestly, I haven't made many (like 2), but I made a whole language to make them, including an advanced language to easily construct image-based ones (which also supports gifs, though that still needs work to be useful in more than a handful of cases). Recently,...

Languages 20/n (6502 Assembler)

1 day ago, for day 264 by Yorick Phoenix 🤯

Parts 17-19 are here During the time I was working in the Knowledge-Based Research Centre (KBSC) at the London South Bank University I did a couple of side projects, both written in BASIC. One was the educational software that I wrote for Addison-Wesley. The majority of it was written in...

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