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Coming Back

1 day ago, for day 140 by Fiene

So here is how losing my streak affected my writing on here: When I lost my streak, it was not intentional. I had a strange, busy day and just forgot about writing here completely. I was in a different environment than my usual one, my routine was not there since...

Journal entry 05/20/2019, Monday

1 day ago, for day 140 by JEREMY HATCH

This past weekend was quite nice. In terms of reading, I devoted it principally to clearing out the current pile of magazines, and I got through everything old except for a couple issues of TIME which I probably won’t really be reading. Before grocery shopping we spent some time at...

What if I wasn't a human?

1 day ago, for day 140 by Kirstine Granzow Larsen

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I didn't have all my problems. Most are problems that follow my very privileged life, but you know, they're still problems to me, but not of the life and death kind. By this, I don't mean "What if I was another...

Final Fantasy

1 day ago, for day 140 by Bartosz Łęcki

When I was around five or six years old, we had the first version of Sony PlayStation console PSX. Grey piece of plastic hiding advanced — at this time — electronics that allowed to play video games using CDs — back then our Amiga computer was still based on floppy...

Eurovision Saturday

2 days ago, for day 139 by KTamas

I woke up somewhat early yesterday, and I was so anxious about returning the camera, I decided to just do it that morning before the new one came. The return went without a hitch, though my fears are not unfounded; stores really don't like accepting returns in Hungary, even when...

My first decade, part 2

2 days ago, for day 139 by JEREMY HATCH

Yesterday I got as far as my mother's side of the family and the fact that I essentially grew up Catholic. This is true insofar as religion played a role in our lives, which actually wasn't all that much apart from one year when I went to a Catholic school....

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