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The Missing Unicorn - Part 9

1 hour ago, for day 114 by Vlad Fratila ✨

Part 8 "Isobel dear, drink your tea." "I don't like it. It's not sweet enough." Isobel was staring at the hot cup of tea in disgust. She was tired and angry, and her mother wasn't helpful at all. "Camilla, please, let's all just go back to bed!" Isobel's father Ray...

Why do I still live in Hungary? (On Privilege)

7 hours ago, for day 114 by KTamas ⚡

"So why are you still living in Hungary" — asked a friend of mine yesterday. It's a very reasonable question; a lot of people have left over the years, and are still leaving. I told him that as long as you can ignore the politics, it's not a bad place...

Pencil Network (2/n)

9 hours ago, for day 114 by Aaron 💎

Level 2: Dull Sacs of Life: It’s worth noting that in order to reach the second level of the pencil network, you must bridge the silver lining gap or that metal division between pencil and eraser (✏️) . By recognizing the need to move away from the dependence on the...

Snippet from Silence.

14 hours ago, for day 114 by Sophie Clark ⚡

“So,” Abaki said after the fog had cleared. “This is what it’s like. I did always wonder.” She blinked and chuckled up at the ceiling before managing to roll her head to face her lover. “The Great Ryuu Ishida.” She prodded him playfully in the side. “I’m so tempted to...

Backup and E-mail Connoisseuring

15 hours ago, for day 113 by Yorick Phoenix ⚡

There are two things in my computer life that are really important to get done right. Well there are three but the third one nobody has ever done right yet though various companies have come close. As long as I have had data and access to a computer I have...

I deleted my earlier post by mistake and now I have this: 5 things I love about "Broad City"

15 hours ago, for day 113 by Ivette Yanez Soria 🚀

I believe the post that got deleted because I never went to get my charger and my computer turned off (so 2006), was better and about something else, but here I am trying to maintain my streak: 5 things I love about "Broad City" Alana and Abby, of course....

My First Job

16 hours ago, for day 113 by Asia 💎

I've been working since I was 14 years old. My first job was secured through one of New York City's youth initiatives, the Summer Youth Employment Program. My grandmother, then an employee in the Office of the Public Advocate, was always making sure that I was the first to know...

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