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5 minute gardening

4 hours ago, for day 177 by Yorick Phoenix

I have a garden, I have no time for gardening. Actually I do have time, but I definitely don't make much time for it. I enjoy gardening. It's one of those thankless tasks like cleaning, ironing, taking out the rubbish & dishes that has to be done and no matter...

Reaching podcast zero

6 hours ago, for day 177 by Kirstine Granzow Larsen

I've been listening to podcasts for almost a decade now. The first one was a radio show called De Sorte Spejdere which was originally aired from early 2005 to end 2008. During some of that time, but also after, the show could be found (often but not always without the...

Wat is succesvol zijn in 2020?

18 hours ago, for day 177 by Jelle Derckx

Succes is ‘een goede afloop, uitkomst of uitslag’. Tenminste, dat zegt de Van Dale. Succesvol leven, dat willen wij wel. Dat we oud zijn en dan zeggen: dat heb ik goed gedaan. Wat een goede afloop of uitslag van mijn leven. Maar zien wij succesvol zijn ook in verband met...

Day By Day

22 hours ago, for day 177 by Fiene

Do you ever get the feeling of just living from one day to the next? I feel like that right now. I have been very busy since May and things are finally starting to settle down. Somehow, when time gets a bit tough, my brain starts stretching it. A day...

I got A in therapy

1 day ago, for day 176 by Bartosz Łęcki

I was working from home today because I had therapy session quite early today. I do therapy through video chat because I couldn’t really find any decent therapist nearby. I don’t mind that — I even prefer this way I think compared to sitting on chairs in small room with...

Two blackbird chicks

1 day ago, for day 176 by Kirstine Granzow Larsen

My dad went to bring in some soda, but came back with two blackbird chicks. They were too young to be able to fly. Apparently, they had fallen from the nest and miraculously avoided the attention of all the cats. He put them in a bucket in the boiler room...

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