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A lack of passion

27 minutes ago, for day 47 by Kirstine Granzow Larsen 🏆

Life update: I've updated to macOS Catalina today. I think it went well. I haven't experienced any hiccups yet at least. It also turns out I have Apple TV+ through my Apple Music subscription. I don't know for how long that'll run, but I guess I'll check out what's there....

Motivation with Explicit Timelines

10 hours ago, for day 47 by Fiene ⚡

The first time I noticed that setting an explicit time to things helps me do them more reliably was during my stint at NaNoWriMo last year. Every day after writing, I would write down a few notes and the exact time I would write the next day. The next day,...

Comfort of food

12 hours ago, for day 46 by Alicja ✨

For our Valentine's date we rented a car and took a long trip to nowhere in particular. The furthest spot to visit were Bridal Veil Falls and we leisurely drove along the way there, stopping whenever we pleased. One of our first spots was a Polish restaurant. I was surprised...


16 hours ago, for day 46 by Yorick Phoenix 🏆

There is nothing to fear except fear itself.         — Franklin D. Roosevelt. Today I took a tour of the disused Nike 88 Nuclear Missile Site on the San Franciso headlands. Apparently it is the only place in the US where you can visit a nuclear missile silo. Thankfully...

Is it me or is it them?

1 day ago, for day 46 by Kirstine Granzow Larsen 🏆

I've been single for 4 years now. My ex and I officially broke up on Valentine's Day in 2016, romantic, right? After the initial blow that was (I cried a lot), I felt relieved. I've been single ever since but dabbled a bit in dating. Nothing that stuck though. It...


1 day ago, for day 46 by Fiene ⚡

The weather has improved, the sky is brighter and the energy - both mine and the spirits of the house - has lifted. I am glad to report that whatever I was fighting has mostly moved on. Other than a slight soreness in my throat, I am fine! I even...

Minimum Happiness Needs

1 day ago, for day 45 by Alicja ✨

Tech Twitter blew up with yet another ridiculous thread about salaries, with an overrepresentation of highly-paid US jobs. I have a lot of opinions about the US and why I would never move there, so I mostly just mute threads like that as much as I can - I find...

Keyboard Re-warrioring

1 day ago, for day 45 by Yorick Phoenix 🏆

I received my new keyboard today. The one pictured in yesterdays post. This time the spacing is good, the main keyboard has exactly the same as an Apple Extended Keyboard and the numeric keypad likewise. The keyboard itself is slightly narrower because some space between the main keyboard, home keys,...