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1 year ago, for day 11 by Asia

This evening while I was mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, I came across a video by one of my favorite comedians on Instagram, @jayversace. Between expletives and his trademark hilarious, effusive gestures and facial expressions, he explains his frustration with people constantly asking what's next for him. I don't fucking...

Second sun

1 year ago, for day 11 by Pedro Marques 💘

I fund out that a very good friend had a miscarriage and it hit me real hard, I started writing this years ago but now another great friend also had one so I thought I'd finish it. — I remember the day that I found out that all I want...

Why I Went Back to Reading Physical Books

1 year ago, for day 11 by Fiene

When I got my first Kindle, I was absolutely thrilled about it. So much more access to books. So much easier! I loved that I could just buy books through the Kindle directly, I loved that there were books available for free and I was thrilled that discovering new books...

Skip Hole Air Port

1 year ago, for day 11 by Max

Today’s post is rushed. I’m sitting on the train from Amsterdam to the Amsterdam airport Schiphol, to get a flight to the US for a week. When it comes to packing, I can pack everything in about 30 minutes. I just need a week's worth of clothes, a passport, my...

How about it? No, really...how about it?

1 year ago, for day 11 by Sophie Clark 🏆

It started with a little thing, as all big things usually do. I was on my way to make myself a coffee, old cup in hand when a thought struck me. "How about I wash this cup up instead of putting it in the 'to be washed pile' and getting...

Your grandma could probably destroy most behavioral science PhDs

1 year ago, for day 11 by Jason Hreha 💘

I love the behavioral sciences. Ever since I learned that you could study the gray lump behind our eyes, I’ve been obsessed. At first, I was obsessed with neuroscience. Neurons, axons, dopamine, serotonin, vasopressin, oxytocin—those were my friends. They danced through my dreams as I thought about the sheer complexity...

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