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Blind spots

2 years ago, for day 16 by Fred Rivett ⚡

Blind spots. Everyone has them. The sucker punch is that we rarely realise we have them. We don't know what we don't know. Recently I've been doing a course with Martin Stellar, Calibrating Reality. The course basically takes you through the building blocks of the human mind and decision making...

Not buying something

2 years ago, for day 16 by Jakob 💘

For a long time I had a portable single cable USB-C monitor on my online shopping wishlist. It has been there since I last worked from a co-working space and wished I had an extra monitor but was not regularly enough there to rent a fixed desk and plant a...

Day 15

2 years ago, for day 15 by Idean Vasef 💘

I'm running on empty right now and I have nothing specific that I really want to write about. Instead, I'll use this space to fill the remaining 273 words left. It's been raining heavily for three days straight here in LA. I love the rain but this is just getting...

My MMO Addiction Gave Me Leadership Skills (Pt. 3)

2 years ago, for day 16 by Hannah Wei ✨

I would have never imagined playing MMOs meant more than a sanctuary away from depression. But it became my support network and a responsibility that kept me tethered to my own and other people's humanity. Previously: Part 1 - A Leader Makes Tradeoffs for Her Team [Part 2 -...

What does daily recovery for knowledge work look like?

2 years ago, for day 15 by Gwendolyn Weston 💘

Via a newsletter from Nadia Eghbal*, I came across this question from Jean Yang: " “what [does] recovery looks like for people whose work involves giving their minds, rather than their bodies, a beating.” Nadia, in her newsletter, echoes a lot of feelings that I've noticed about myself as well,...

Our Perception of Time

2 years ago, for day 15 by Eric Lima ✨

Time is a finicky thing. Our perception of time and how fast, or how slow it passes seems to often be linked to what we're doing at that specific moment. I think I safely assume that most people are intimately familiar with periods in their lives where they've been subjected...


2 years ago, for day 15 by Max ✨

In my limited work experience, I've had a lot (but not all types) of managers. It's interesting how other people handle the role of handling others. I had a really fun experience at my first gig. The work was really interesting and unique, working on cutting edge computer science stuff,...

Streaks and habits

2 years ago, for day 15 by Ben Ellis 💘

I stopped writing. I went on a date last week. I mentally prepared myself for it to last a couple hours, maybe three. Before we knew it, a date that started at 6pm went on for 5 hours. The date went alright, but all I could think of towards the...

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