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Yahoo still exists, really it does Pt2 (of 2)

3 years ago, for day 11 by Yorick Phoenix 🥁

Really, Yahoo? Yes, it still exists, go look: yahoo.com. I remember the days before Google when Yahoo was the search engine. If it wasn't hand indexed by somebody at Yahoo, your chances of finding a site was zero. Then Google came around and it wasn't as good as the curated...

Yahoo still exists, really it does Pt1 (of 2)

3 years ago, for day 10 by Yorick Phoenix 🥁

I went to yahoo.com for probably the first time in 15 years on Wednesday. OK maybe it was only 10 years but, trust me, it has been a very very long time since I used my Yahoo account. To my surprise, my account still existed, my password still worked, and...

Leaky connection pool

3 years ago, for day 10 by Max ✨

Today's tale involves finally figuring out a weeks-long annoyance where we could never figure out why, despite all signs that the application I work on was performing fine, and the database performed fine, why it kept having problems that seemed to look like slow database queries. It turns out, we...

Less freedom as consumers

3 years ago, for day 10 by Bartosz Łęcki 🏆

I just wanted to write a couple of words about car-sharing services since they got quite popular here in Poland and some other thought came to my mind. Thought that we as consumers have less freedom in our consumerism than we had. I remember from stories about how people got...

Towards Authentic Interactions

3 years ago, for day 9 by Tinnei 💘

Today I want to talk about a trend that I have observed but don't see enough discussion of -- products that encourage authentic interactions. Thanks to Black Mirror and social media break downs, tech well being has become a frequently discussed topic these past two years. The tech community has...


3 years ago, for day 9 by Max ✨

@max @devops Help! The server is down! We can't work because the app keeps giving us this error! Not what you want to see at 7:30am when you're just waking up and thinking about that morning cup of coffee. But helaas pindakaas (ref) , the slack notification on your phone...

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