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Flip to Shh - A pixel 3 Review

1 year ago, for day 43 by Ry Van Veluwen

This morning I wanted to write about my favorite little device - my Pixel 3 phone. I read an article a while ago, talking about why people feel so strongly about their phones - operating system or model vs each other - and framed the issue around the idea that...

On Photography

1 year ago, for day 40 by KTamas 🏆

My father is a semi-amateur photographer; I got my affinity towards photography from him. I grew up watching him taking pictures. After high school, I got a job and soon I had disposable income, so I got my first digital camera: the Olympus E-1. That was in 2008, and by...

Being a product manager

1 year ago, for day 35 by Ry Van Veluwen

I've been asked to do a brief talk here in Tokyo with a group of people that are interested in working in a product team, potentially becoming a product manager like myself. They wanted me to cover what I did (At a high level) and what skills I thought were...

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