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Swapping Chef for Ansible is a sunk costย trap

1 year ago, for day 76 by Vlad Fratila โœจ

Most tech choices are sunk cost. So we are subject to its trap. In tech, there's usually a "double sink", where a tech change can feel like paying the same sunk cost twice. However, there is a tipping point, where the old needs to give way, and sunk costs shouldn't...

How I doubled my home internet's speed for $100

1 year ago, for day 75 by KTamas ๐Ÿ†

(Disclosure: yes, this is mostly me whining on the yacht, a better name for what's also known as a first world problem) I love my current apartment, but if there were one thing I would complain about time to time, it's the speed of the internet. In most parts of...

Some things are best left untouched

1 year ago, for day 67 by Vlad Fratila โœจ

Lately, I've fallen into a sluggish morning rhythm. I get up late on most days and wander about, barely on my feet. Almost like I've lost something and I can't recall what it looked like. I lose my sense of smell sometimes. I stroll down the street, take the metro...

Welcome to the future (2 of n)

1 year ago, for day 64 by Kent de Bruin โšก

The combination of newly available technologies, new business ideas, and cultural transformation has seen the rise of companies such as Uber and Airbnb. They disrupted the status quo by questioning the traditional methods from before and are now relying on technology to connect demand. The simple truth is that these...

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