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My Oneplus 6

23 hours ago, for day 113 by Carmen L Clark 💎

I love my OnePlus 6. I've written before about my oddball journey in smartphones, and I have said some of this before (so apologies for repetition), however I thought I'd talk more specifically about my current phone the Oneplus 6. Oneplus is becoming more well known as a phone brand...

Blam audio speaker upgrade

2 days ago, for day 112 by Carmen L Clark 💎

A little while ago I wrote about upgrading the speakers in my car to some high-quality replacements. I had this done on Friday at a fairly local car audio/accessories store that I'd found highly recommended on google. The reviews all said that the person who runs the shop, Neil, was...

"Everyone is a designer today"

3 days ago, for day 111 by Leonie Jonk 🚀

"Even my mom!" Read the front page of my newspaper magazine. Last weeks whole issue was dedicated to how simple it was these days to be a designer. They even let 80% of the issue be designed by the mother of one of the designers of famed creative agency KesselsKramer....

The Hotel California test

1 week ago, for day 103 by Carmen L Clark 💎

I'm not particularly an audiophile, but as the wife of a mobile DJ who likes to test his new speaker purchases with the song Hotel California, I decided that this might be a good way to test my car speakers. I spend around 2 hours a day in my car...

Look after yourself

1 week ago, for day 103 by Fred Rivett

Ever since I left school I've been pursuing one goal. To run my own business. At 18 I joined forces with a couple of friends, and we started a web design agency. None of us really knew what we were doing, and I certainly didn't. All I knew was my...

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