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The Missing Unicorn - pt 6

9 months ago, for day 111 by Vlad Fratila

Previous, First "You didn't have to come!" Flynn said defensively. "Yes," Crustophe snarled. "I did, and you know it. You know what's happening back home, it's why you are here. I will die a thousand times before I let Her win." "Let who win?" asked Isobel innocently. "Oh, so...

The Missing Unicorn. Pt5

9 months ago, for day 111 by Sophie Clark 🏆

Previous , First "But why did you come here then? What was it you needed to do?" Isobel was curious, no longer scared of the unexpected character of the unicorn. "Well... " said Crustophe. " I will tell you but first I need you to do something for me...do you...

Mark and Bill. Short story.

9 months ago, for day 109 by Ivette Yanez Soria 💎

This is a strange party. Everyone has taken Molly or another hallucinogenic and is either naked or not fully dressed. Electronic music fills the air, accompanied by some laughs, moaning and whispers. Mark enters right into the main launch area, where couples, trios and other are laying on the carpeted...

The Missing Unicorn - pt3

9 months ago, for day 109 by Vlad Fratila

See Part 1 and Part 2 "Right," Isobel said flatly. "Now what?" Flynn gaze fell upon the Magical Beast outside. It was glorious. The fairy stood quiet for a second, then he declared solemnly: "We go out there, and see what it wants." "Wow!" Isobel huffed. "That's a marvellous...

The Missing Unicorn - pt2

9 months ago, for day 108 by Sophie Clark 🏆

Part One Taking off from where the fabulous Carmen L Clark started off! Night had fallen and Isobel was supposed to be asleep. She couldn't sleep, however, because of a strange glowing coming from the bedroom window. Quietly, she slipped out of bed and tiptoed to the window so her...

A story in text messages.

9 months ago, for day 107 by Sophie Clark 🏆

16:03 From El-chan: I saw this and thought of you. There was a picture of an ornamental dagger, inlaid with red and gold gems, and sharpened to a wicked point. 16:45 From El-chan: I am beginning to feel uneasy at the lack of response. Is this normal? 16:55...

Boo, the cat. Short story.

9 months ago, for day 106 by Ivette Yanez Soria 💎

Once upon a time, there was a cat named Boo who walked about with its luxurious peanut-butter-colored hair and soft white ears. He lived in the seventh-floor of an apartment building, along with its two human companions: Blonde and Black was how he named them, based on their hair color,...

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