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HxH Funsies for the morning - Diner C/H

1 year ago, for day 68 by Sophie Clark 🍟

Chrollo looked up from the coffee he was stirring when a shadow blocked out the overhead light. "Hello, Hisoka," he said calmly. The man sat across from him startled at the mention of the name and looked up from his phone. "Danchou," the Magician crooned. "How can I help you?"...

Last Bite

1 year ago, for day 67 by Asia

Perched on the rooftop of the 4 story walkup, she exhaled into the cool, moist air of evening. Watching the city lights flicker in the distance, she listened to the low hum of electricity and unintelligible conversation, the tippity-tap and the click and clack of passersby, the occasional horn of...

The velociraptor. Short story.

1 year ago, for day 66 by Ivette Yanez Soria 💎

Tara looked down from the fourth story glass doors opening unto the large balcony. The street was quiet. Her brother and sister were discussing something that should or shouldn't had been said earlier at dinner, "what if my grandma thinks this or that", "who cares?, She probably already knows, she's...

Wheel of fortune

1 year ago, for day 65 by Vlad Fratila

One out of six. The woman stepped up on the podium, got close, pulled her skirt, then perched her right arm up on the highest peg she could reach, steadied herself, and pulled the wheel. Jack stood tall in the middle of the small crowd gathered in the mess hall....

Silly nonesesnse for the morning.

1 year ago, for day 65 by Sophie Clark 🍟

Hisoka opened the door to his small flat with a glass of orange juice in one hand, and a polite smile on his face. A young man with thick black hair that fell over his face as if he were the missing member of a 90's boyband stared at him,...

Nice. Short story.

1 year ago, for day 64 by Ivette Yanez Soria 💎

"You're so nice", said the little kid with black hair and cute square teeth. Her first crush. She had just given him a pen as well as her homework to be copied by him. That's all he said. When he finished do it the deed, he just put her notebook...

Refining my description.

1 year ago, for day 62 by Sophie Clark 🍟

She'd cast him as a wounded knight, lying on an enchanted forest floor. His breastplate had been ripped off him and lay on the floor, torn in two by a mysterious beast, who'd lost its oversized claw in the attack; she'd sketched it is if it were still stuck into...

Early subroutine

1 year ago, for day 61 by Vlad Fratila

"An outburst of violence towards something that resembles a human being falls under immediate investigation. You must understand..." "I just hit him once! Jeez..." interrupted the woman, visibly shaken. "It's just a thing anyway, what's all the fuss, really I don't... I don't understand." The room was tidy and brightly...

I was nearly too late!

1 year ago, for day 60 by Sophie Clark 🍟

But I managed to pull something out of the hat. I have no idea where this is going or what I was thinking...but...hopefully it works! It was her hair that first caught his eye. The soft waves of gently curling auburn had flashed past his vision as she hurriedly...

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