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Hisoka's Deal...assassination!

1 year ago, for day 73 by Sophie Clark 🍟

Hisoka toyed with, what he'd quickly realised, was his would-be-assassin for as long as he could. He had to entirely disorient the woman, for his plan to work. He'd been happy to see that she had no idea how to handle a crowd, and had struggled to escape him, even...

Hisoka's Deal - Party pt...fudge knows. HxH Fic.

1 year ago, for day 72 by Sophie Clark 🍟

Hisoka turned to find where the woman had gone, pouting slightly when he realised he couldn't see her any more. "Danchou, why do you always have to spoil my fun?" he mocked. Chrollo looked around, playing along with Hisoka's little game. "Oh, she appears to have left," he said innocently....

Lazy afternoon

1 year ago, for day 72 by Vlad Fratila

Katherine stepped out onto the porch. It was a sunny day with clear skies and a nice soft breeze; quite different from yesterday's downpour. The sidewalk had already dried out, tree leaves scattered around here and there, early signs of the coming fall. A car whooshed by, and Katherine followed...

Hisoka's Deal Party cont. HxH.

1 year ago, for day 71 by Sophie Clark 🍟

"The thought had crossed my mind," Chrollo said with a smirk. "But, in the end, it's proved too useful to allow it to be taken from me." "In that case," Hisoka said. "Can I ask about the woman in the black dress with those gods awful golden straps? She's...

Lazy morning (cont.)

1 year ago, for day 71 by Vlad Fratila

Andrew started on the french toast and omelets in silence. Katherine got up and reached for the coffee machine. She really enjoyed her mornings lately. Ever since she got Andrew, mornings were quiet and happy. No more bouts of anger. Less pills. She sat back down at the table and...

Hisoka's Deal...follow on from yesterday.

1 year ago, for day 70 by Sophie Clark 🍟

An amateur would disguise themselves as a member of the waiting staff, someone with more experience would be amongst the guests and a pro...well, you'd never even notice a pro until it was too late. Luckily for him, he was also a professional killer, and with or without his Nen,...

More of Hisoka's Deal.

1 year ago, for day 69 by Sophie Clark 🍟

Using this to work out a scene...it's coming together slowly... "Find and dispose of my target at the ball," Chrollo said, pausing to lick along Hisoka's bottom lip. "And tonight, my beautiful wife, I'll be yours to have, and to hold." Hisoka was not prone to nerves. He...

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