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Hisoka's Deal Ch3.Pt9. - NC17

1 year ago, for day 90 by Sophie Clark ๐ŸŸ

This chapter contains adult content. Reader discretion is advised. Chrollo watched the grin that spread across Hisoka's face at Illumi's words and chuckled. "That's what he thinks he wants." He slid his hand around to grasp Hisoka's limp cock and balls, and watched the Magician's head fall back against...

Clean slate 1/x

1 year ago, for day 89 by Vlad Fratila โœจ

"Tony! Hey, Tony! I'm talking to you man." The car was speeding down the empty highway. Light was fading fast, making way for the coming darkness. The evening skies were burning red and violet as the last rays of light broke through the tree line in the distance. Gus shook...

Random snippet of random writing.

1 year ago, for day 89 by Sophie Clark ๐ŸŸ

โ€œThatโ€™s quite alright, Dr. Chilton,โ€ Will said, walking over to Chrollo and pressing himself up against the manโ€™s back, and then, when he turned around, his chest. Looking at Chrolloโ€™s chin Will said, โ€œThereโ€™s a cell just opposite, thatโ€™s always kept empty.โ€ He saw Chrollo look across, nod, felt the...

Hisoka's Deal Ch.3. Pt.8. NC-17

1 year ago, for day 88 by Sophie Clark ๐ŸŸ

This chapter contains adult content. Reader discretion is advised. Hisoka's throat was raw; it felt like he had swallowed glass. His world had become pain, the only anchor left to him was the soft monotone of Illumi explaining, one detail at a time, what was happening. Chrollo was close,...

Nearly out of time

1 year ago, for day 87 by Yorick Phoenix โ›ณ

Arrggghhhhh!!!!! less than half an hour to deadline! I was busy trying to solve an issue that QA had brought up this evening. We have an internal status page that should load quickly (well quickish), but was now taking a minute to load. Was there something that I could do...

Hisoka's Deal Ch3.Pt7.

1 year ago, for day 87 by Sophie Clark ๐ŸŸ

Hisoka didn't flinch as Chrollo wrapped a caring hand around the side of his face, and crooned, "Only the best for you, my sweet." "I have to say," Hisoka said conversationally, "The view is spectacular. You really did plan this to perfection; I'm honoured." He'd been stripped naked, and...

Working man

1 year ago, for day 87 by Vlad Fratila โœจ

"Hurry up, kid!" Danny's hand was almost slipping. The searing heat was exhausting, and the crowded sidewalk felt like a suffocating maze, people pushing left and right. Walls after walls of people, as tall as the sky. He looked up at them and tried hard to keep up the pace....

Hisoka's Deal Ch3.Pt6.

1 year ago, for day 86 by Sophie Clark ๐ŸŸ

Hisoka wanted to snarl. His hand moved on its own, and he felt his stomach clench, as, once again, his Nen was stripped from him, and he was locked into permanent Zetsu for the next five days. The silence was getting to Hisoka. Chrollo had left Shalnark, who was...

We never change / 2 of 2

1 year ago, for day 85 by Vlad Fratila โœจ

It must be spring already. I longed to see the sky, to fill my lungs with fresh air. I was pacing nervously, up and down the cell-block. All the cells were open and everybody else was gone on the daily tour. They would run up to the old mine shafts,...

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