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Staying. Short story (1)

28 minutes ago, for day 52 by Ivette Yanez Soria 🚀

The colorful doors of Notting Hill. This was his most freshest memory from childhood. A few years ago, he had find a London-based photographer with a gallery featuring these part of the city; bought the one who better matched his brain image, then had it printed in large format, framed...

Hisoka and Chrollo go shopping.

5 hours ago, for day 52 by Sophie Clark 🔥

Today's friend prompt and distraction from editing: Hisoka and Chrollo go shopping. Walking through the centre of Yorknew city without access to his Nen was an experience Hisoka wouldn't forget in a hurry. He was entirely confident in his ability to defend himself, with or without it, but not...

A weather conversation. Short story.

20 hours ago, for day 51 by Ivette Yanez Soria 🚀

The two of them are sitting across a table, a red and white squared tablecloth rests on it. What have you been watching lately on Netflix? Don't have Netflix, I cancelled it. I know, weird. It was just cheaper to go for Prime since I already pay for...

Wedding from Hell

1 day ago, for day 51 by Sophie Clark 🔥

My friend is rather enjoying my portrayal of these characters...and I have to say, so am I. Today's post was the prompt: Wedding Dress. Chrollo admired his creation in the three large mirrors he'd arranged for this specific occasion. Golden eyes stared at him in stunned silence. The unfamiliar...

A prompt from a friend.

2 days ago, for day 50 by Sophie Clark 🔥

Blindly picking a scene and getting characters to react within it. My friend set me the prompt: Gardening in underwear. Yeah...I both love and hate my friends. I chose the same characters and the same world as my last post...because I'm lazy. To his surprise, Hisoka had found his...

The Soul - Short Story

4 days ago, for day 48 by Sophie Clark 🔥

This is a little thing I wrote a while ago. I've spent the morning editing it. Hope it works. I'm full of cold and can't really think straight. Darn boyfriends and them insisting on being around you whilst they're ill :P The soul drifted, lost in the vortex. It...

A Terrible Ode to "Becoming", a book by Michelle Obama.

4 days ago, for day 48 by Ivette Yanez Soria 🚀

Another day to read, Becoming, was the choice. Chicago, Michelle's hometown, distilling wind and snow. Engaging book it is, Framed by eight long years, Greatness is inherent, Hourly, monthly and yearly, In every anecdote and place. Just in case you're wondering, Kennedy's last name is there, Loud where Obama is...

Clara. Short story.

6 days ago, for day 45 by Ivette Yanez Soria 🚀

It was a Monday. Clara had just been fired from her first job. She was supposed to be a marketing executive in a exclusive agency, she was supposed to get all the promotions and make it big. She was supposed to be the person behind the most innovative commercials and...

The cousin. Short story. Part 1.

1 week ago, for day 44 by Ivette Yanez Soria 🚀

¿Sam? Yes. Ahm... I'm sorry! This is a big surprise. I'm a little in shock. What brings you here? I... could I stay for the night? My mom gave me your address. Here? I mean, yeah, sure. Is everything alright? Yeah, fine. I'm just......

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