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There and back again - Barcamp Stockholm (Part 10)

3 years ago, for day 13 by KTamas 🏆

⬅ Start from the beginning | ⬅ Previously Going to Stockholm was the first time I took the train in Sweden and I was pleasantly surprised; they were clean, fast, had power outlets, even WiFi, though for some reason I couldn't get that working. Trains are usually on time, and...

Micro Habits and Kaizen

3 years ago, for day 12 by Matt Ragland 💘

If you're like most people you feel a bit stuck on how to get started on goals or habits. Having a plan is one thing, taking action is another. James Clear refers to this as "being in motion". Hopefully you've had some practice in the first two lessons with your...

There and back again - The early days (part 9)

3 years ago, for day 12 by KTamas 🏆

⬅ Start from the beginning | ⬅ Previously This is probably not new to anyone, but there is something extremely liberating in moving to a completely new country. There you are, a blank slate, free of (at least most of) your previous responsibilities, anything's possible. That's certainly how I felt...

Thoughts on Meditation

3 years ago, for day 11 by Idean Vasef 💘

I've been meditating once every day for the past 7 days. I use an app on my iPhone called 'Stop, Breathe & Think.' It's a free app but you can pay extra to unlock certain guided meditations. Specifically, the type of meditation that I do is referred to as mindfulness...

There and back again - Finding a Church (part 8)

3 years ago, for day 11 by KTamas 🏆

⬅ Start from the beginning | ⬅ Previously I'm Christian. A very progressive Lutheran, nowadays, but back when I moved to Sweden I was more of a burn-out Evangelical, who has not been going to church for a while but eager to start again. Before moving there my dad found...

Turning points (pt 4)

3 years ago, for day 11 by Leonie Jonk 💘

After my faux heart-attack things went downhill steadily. I tried to go about my daily life as I normally had, fooling myself (and everyone around me) that I could just 'push through it'. Eating became an insurmountable task. Almost everything was painful to eat or drink. I'd nibble on things,...

There and back again - IKEA run and doing laundry (part 7)

3 years ago, for day 10 by KTamas 🏆

⬅ Start from the beginning | ⬅ Previously Doing laundry in Sweden is different that one may be used to, if what you're used to is having your own washing machine and doing laundry whenever you want. In Sweden most apartments do not come with their own, personal washing machines;...

On Disagreeing Productively: A false dichotomy of the BFF and the B*tch

3 years ago, for day 10 by Hannah Wei

Do a google search on "disagreeing with women" and you'll be launched into the world of pick-up artists advising the struggling man on how to coax a women's respect (often through disrespecting her). However, a search on "disagreeing with other women" returns disappointingly few results. The top two links talk...

Way of a Vegan

3 years ago, for day 10 by herrhaase 💘

I always wondered why so many vegans are such a pain in the ass. I always wondered why they wouldn't shut up about going vegan and why they are so aggressive and try to change my lifestyle. I was annoyed by them. And I couldn't care less. I craved the...

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