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Day two. Now what?

2 years ago, for day 62 by Vlad Fratila

It took me two months after I discovered Write Together, but yesterday I started to write every day. As Day 2 comes along, I ask myself a ton of questions. So I thought, what better way to work through them than in writing? The mantra of "write every day" is...

Zero-sum games: Only one can win (1 of n)

2 years ago, for day 61 by Kent de Bruin

An exploration of zero-sum games: With the rise of technology, robots and AI you could foresee that eventually all productive work will be taken over by robots. Our technologies keep progressing which suggests that robots could take over a lot of work from us. But nothing more than the opposite...

Artificial complexity (2 of n)

2 years ago, for day 60 by Kent de Bruin

Yesterday I wrote about that offering a simple solution is not always in the best interest of a problem solver. If problems would be so easy there won’t be a market for all those savior ‘problem solvers’. There is some kind of incentive to make a problem a bit more...

On Scaling a Conference Experience

2 years ago, for day 56 by Hannah Wei

Having attended several conferences early in my career, I was no stranger to the conference high: For a few days, the audience feels collectively inspired, and then they return to their normal lives as if the event never happened. I wanted to aim higher, especially in the context of young...

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